2019 Innovation Qualifier Application

With each Innovation application, please provide the following:

  • 2019 Exhibit Space Application.
  • 2019 Innovation Qualifier.
  • Three (3) different photos.
  • Printed information on the product and any marketing materials.
  • Video if available, this does not have to be professional. A video from your cell phone is acceptable.
  • Full payment for your booth space.
  • Certificate of Insurance.

Rules and Regulations for Innovations:

  1. Application deadline for submissions into the Innovations Program is May 3, 2019.
  2. To comply with the contextual understanding, integrity and acceptance of the term "New Innovation" in this category, entries must represent a new, unique, novel and inventive idea or concept that can visually display and verify the innovative attributes in the form of a prototype or commercially produced product.
  3. The innovation should have been developed within the last two calendar years as well as be relevant and pertinent to the agricultural community and has not been displayed at any other show prior to July 1 of the preceding calendar year with its current applicable innovative claims and attributes.
  4. Submissions are not required to be patented, patent-pending or copyrighted (as applicable), however, it is strongly advised that a patent agent or legal counsel should be consulted prior to public disclosure ensuring that the interests of the inventor/innovator are clearly understood and protected.
  5. In cases where submissions have been patented, copyrighted, or are pending, copies of the necessary legal documentation clearly supporting such a claim must be submitted with each application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide the necessary information to enable the CFPS to reasonably attempt to verify authenticity and ownership of the submission as deemed necessary by the CFPS
  6. A minimum of three (3) photos that clearly and completely provide visual comprehension of the “New Innovation” must be supplied to CFPS along with the display product dimensions, video if applicable, printed product information and marketing materials, website address, manufacturer, marketing and licensing agreement information, as well as any other pertinent information regarding the new innovation submission that is necessary to qualify the entry and determine its validity and merit should be submitted with the application. PLEASE NOTE: Innovation committee will judge the merits of the innovation based on documentation provided.
  7. A CFPS selected Innovations Committee will review each application and a confirmation of acceptance or denied will be based on the information provided. All qualification standards and guidelines as well as the subsequent decisions rendered by the CFPS are final and are not subject to challenge or negotiation
  8. All CFPS approved entries in the “New Innovation” category will qualify for the Innovation Awards section of the Innovations Program and become eligible to receive either a Gold Standard or Sterling Standard Award of Excellence, as determined by the “Expert Judging Panel” in adhering with the CFPS established benchmarks for excellence.
  9. Exhibitors are required to display the Innovation as approved by the Innovation Committee.
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